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This website was originally set up as a central place where friends and family could follow us on our travels. It’s open to the public so any visitors stumbling across our site are also welcome to participate and see the world from our perspective. Some would say a “location independent” or “digital nomad” lifestyle. We find other travel blogs really inspiring and gain a great deal from reading about their experiences. Where we can, we hope to keep the website up to date as much as possible but please excuse us if we’re too busy exploring this magical planet of ours!  To see where we are and where we are headed view the calendar travel itinerary.  We’re also starting to build up a photo archive of our journey so head in there to have a look.

All the best.  Gayle and Dean, Spotted Travelling

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Recent Travel Photos

Stonehenge Salisbury England header
Salisbury and Stonehenge photos, England May 2017
This album contains a small selection of photos taken on our tour of Stonehenge and Salisbury with Greenman Tours based
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Bath England header
Bath, southwest England May 2017
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London England header
London, England May 2017
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Heidelberg Germany header
Heidelberg, Germany April 2017
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Lake Como Italy header
Lake Como, Italy 2017
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switzerland header image
Lucerne, Switzerland April 2017
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Italy photos header image
Italy, March – April 2017 photos
Here are our Italy photos. A truly amazing country with so many picture opportunities.  This album captures our travels through
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Athens Greece photos
Athens, Greece, February-March 2017 photos
This is an album of our experiences in Greece, Athens Greece photos.  This includes shots around Athens and the lovely
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Spotted Travelling in Goa India
Goa, India February 2017 photos
Goa India.  Certainly a colourful experience. Warm weather, busy beaches, with a variety of delicious foods on offer.  A more
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Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand February 2017 photos
A short stay in Jomtien, Thailand for a week.  Beaches, drinks and a nice resort to relax. Click (or tap) below
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Osaka, Japan January 2017 photos
Osaka, Japan in January.  While a cold time to be visiting, it provided a rich cultural experience quite different to
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Hong Kong January 2017 photos
While only a short six day stay in Hong Kong we were able to pack in the time with a
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Chiang Mai, Thailand December 2016 photos
Chiang Mai is one of the best destinations to travel to for digital nomads.  Internet speeds are great, food is
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Penang, Malaysia, November 2016 photos
Photos of our visit to Penang, Malaysia, November 2016. Click (or tap) below for a large view browse of the album.
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New Zealand, October 2016 photos
In September – October of 2017 we visited the south island of New Zealand. This photo album show some of
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    We love visiting different places on the planet! There's just so many interesting places and things to do.

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