Apologies to everyone who thought there would be regular blog updates on the Spotted Travelling website. I thought originally that we’d be able to pump out a few more than we have!  I guess for us it’s really been a matter of time priority and blogging has been pushed down the list. We’d sooner be out there exploring than sitting at home writing blogs, haha.

I can say we’ve had a wonderful journey so far across many countries.  This has generally been reflected in our photo albums that can be viewed here on the Spotted Travelling website
or directly on Facebook Albums

Instagram posts have been quite regular too https://www.instagram.com/spottedtravelling/
and a few twitter posts when we think of it https://twitter.com/spottedtravel

If there are any posts to come in the future it’s most likely going to be a retrospective look at the journey and how we’ve managed to do what we have.  I know a lot of people ask how we can travel around for so long.  Why we’ve chosen the destinations we have and a number of other questions.

Until that point, it would be best to check the photo album archives rather than here in the Blog section.