This album contains a small selection of photos taken on our tour of Stonehenge and Salisbury with Greenman Tours based in Bath, UK.

The day began with a pickup from the centre of Bristol and a casual bus ride through Bath heading towards the legendary site of Stonehenge.  Our guide Mary had a lot of interesting information to say about the area and definitely well worth booking with this tour company.  Stonehenge, while extremely busy at the site of the stones and visitors centre, was quite a stand out for me personally.  Knowing that these stones date back to over 2,000 years BC and their ceremonial/ritualistic purpose to the people of the time, simply was an eye opener.

From there we headed over to Salisbury Cathedral.  Not quite as old as Stonehenge, haha, 1220 AD. A very impressive structure to say the least.

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Salisbury Cathedral England Photos

Stonehenge Amesbury England